Healthy Tip of The Week (HTW)- April 23 - April 29

GHHEditor April 23rd, 2018

Mental health is as important as physical health. A sense of wellbeing and confidence to face the challenges that may come your way can improve feelings about yourself, your relationships, and how well you can control your feelings.

Just because you do not have depression, anxiety, or any other psychological problems does not mean you have good mental health. In other words, good mental health is more than just being free of mental diseases or bad feelings.

Those who are mentally healthy are content, deal with stress well, bounce back from hardships, are open to change and learning, manage time for work and play, and have self-confidence. Of course, hardships are bound to come and you may not have all of the characteristics of good mental health all the time. However, some things you can do to achieve mental health is to socialize, make time to enjoy yourself, take on a new skill to challenge yourself, sleep at least 7 hours each night, and ask for help from those around you when you need it-- including your doctor.

For more information on mental health or to obtain help in your neighborhood visit the NYC Well program website, there you will find information on support, counseling and free or low cost help in your community. CLICK HERE

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