Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW), Nov 13-19

GHHEditor November 13th, 2016

This Thursday is the Great American Smokeout, a day all about helping smokers quit! Smoking can really hurt your health, increasing your chances of getting many types of cancer and other serious diseases.


If you need help quitting smoking, or if you have a loved one going through the process, here’s some tips to guide you on your way!



1. Don’t try to quit by yourself. Research shows that the more support people have the more likely they are to succeed. Call the New York State Smokers’ Quitline, and you’ll be connected to a “quit coach” who can give you help and expert advice!

2. Ask your doctor for a prescription medication to help you quit. They know how to help!

3. There are lots of myths about smoking. Don’t be fooled! Some people say that smoking hookah is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. It’s not true! Ask a doctor if you’re not sure about something.

4. Consider e-cigarettes as something that will cause less harm than a regular cigarette. Research shows that e-cigarettes are not as dangerous as regular cigarettes, although they still have health risks

5. If you’ve got a loved one going through the process, help them plan activities to take their mind off the side-effects of quitting. Click here for more on what to do if you want to help them on their way.

6. The quitting process can be stressful. Make sure that you’re eating right and getting enough sleep. This can limit the amount of stress you feel! Click here for more.

It won’t always be easy, but if you persevere and get the help of those around you, you can quit smoking! It’s worth it.

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