Holly Holm Proved Herself against Ronda Rousey

jerry44silva November 19th, 2015

The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is still in shock after the recent fight of former world champion Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm few days ago in Melbourne, Australia. Both fighters are the highlight of the UFC 193 and the undefeated champion experienced an upset against her underdog opponent. Yes, Holly defeated Ronda and the fans of MMA are in disbelief.

It is true that Holm is an underdog fighter when she faced Ronda, but people who are not familiar with her must understand that this woman is not a “happy go lucky” type of fighter. She is a former professional kickboxing and boxing champion before she started training to become a professional MMA fighter in 2011. Since then, this courageous woman kept a 10-0 record before facing the champion in Australia for the bantamweight title.

Known as “The Preacher’s Daughter” because she is a daughter of a Church preacher, fans are not choosing her to win the fight because they believe that Rousey can defeat her easily. Unfortunately, things did not favor Ronda’s side because in less than 6 minutes, she was able to knockout the champion with a huge head kick. This is when speculations came that the former UFC champion underestimated the capacity of Holm as a professional kick-boxer.

From the beginning of the first round, she controlled the fight by showing an impressive performance and this obviously frustrates Ronda. The 34-year-old native of New Mexico dominated the entire bout until she got the chance to kick the former champion on the right side of her neck, which made her fall into the canvas. That staggering kick ended the winning streak of Rousey and gave her first defeat in 30 fights (12-1).  Before the knockout, she obtained deep cuts in her lips and with bloody nose too. With the victory of Holly, some MMA observers said that one does not need to look like a solid champion to win a title against the best fighters.

During the weight in before the main event, both fighters had some tensions on the stage. They were both intense and eager to fight inside the octagon as seen on their reactions.

When facing the media for an interview a week before the UFC 193 championship, the former champion is very confident that she will defeat Holly like what she usually does to her past opponents. She said that she expect to hug and pat the back of Holm as a sign of winning the fight as usual. In a huge turn of event, the native of New Mexico is the one who hugged and tapped the former champion.

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