Michael Jordan – A Great Basketball Icon

jerry44silva November 14th, 2015

For millions of basketball fanatics out there, these people surely know that for the past years since the introduction of the National Basketball Association or NBA, this premier league is continuously enriching the real history of basketball industry. Each year, it continues to bring in more fresh and exceptional talents that truly boosted the entire organizations.

Of course, we have witnessed a lot of basketball greats in the entire history of the NBA and these people comes from different countries across the globe. When talking about the best NBA players who received a lot of recognition including the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards and championship rings, we cannot disregard the one and only Michael Jordan.

The real name of this basketball great is Michael Jeffrey Jordan and within few years of playing in the NBA, he became one of the greatest players of all time. This premier league recognized him because of his unstoppable performance and formidable basketball playing skills. For millions of NBA fans in the world, they call him “His Airness” or “Air Jordan” because of his impressive dunks and leaping ability. Michael is a native of Brooklyn, New York and even during his high school and college days, he achieved great success since he played basketball games.

For those who are not familiar when he joined the NBA, the Chicago Bulls drafted him as their first round top pick in 1984. From then, he began to dominant this premier basketball league playing as an impressive shooting guard/small forward for the Bulls. To name few of the other popular players from the team include Steve Kerr, Scottie Pippen and known bad boy Dennis Rodman. Playing under head coach veteran Phil Jackson, Michael led the Chicago Bulls in winning 6 NBA titles.  They were able to dominate the league for a few years and because of this, he was named as one of the greatest NBA players in the history.

Michael Jordan had been one of the most anticipated players during his prime because they love watching his moves inside the court. When talking about his awards and recognition, these include the following:

  • 5 NBA MVP trophies
  • 6 NBA championship rings
  • 2 Slam Dunk Champions
  • 14 NBA All Star Appearances
  • NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 3 NBA All-Star MVP Awards
  • Became a member of the Original USA Basketball Dream Team
  • Several Statistic Awards and a lot more

Despite his success in the NBA, he experienced the most intriguing issue of his life when his father died due to gun shots while still playing for the Bulls. He decided to leave the team in 1998 and afterwards made a decision to play for the Washington Wizards before he retired in the NBA.

Today, Michael Jordan is one of the popular billionaires in the US because of his earnings from his different endorsements, personal businesses and the current principal owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. Lately, there are some reports about his plan to play in the NBA again but no assurance if these reports are for real. If ever he will play again, Michael is already 50 years old.


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