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  • The NYC Hepatitis C Task Force was formed in 2024 by South Bronx community advocates, and continues to meet regularly in areas of the city most affected by Hepatitis C including: the South Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem and Queens. 

    Join the NYC Hepatitis C Task Force
    Task Force meetings are open to all service providers and advocates concerned about hepatitis C and related issues.
    Community members are welcome to participate in the meetings, or to participate remotely through reading the meeting highlights, and communicating by email. To join, email hepatitisABC@health.nyc.gov

    Task Force Meetings
    The NYC Hepatitis C Task Force Meets regularly in Downtown Brooklyn, South Bronx, Harlem, & Jamaica Queens. Special meetings are conducted in Coney Island, Staten Island & Far Rockaway. Upcoming meetings are listed in the monthly NYC Viral Hepatitis B & C Newsletter.

    Confirm all dates by joining an invitation list: HepatitisABC@health.nyc.gov
    All meetings 3-5 PM
    Harlem: Jan 25th, May 2nd & August 29th

    Information about Hepatitis C, click here.

    Newsletters with more information, click here. Search for "January 2024" to find the latest newsletter.

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