The Benefits of Art: The BeWell Youth Board Visits the Whitney Museum

bewellbu March 8th
Start: July 29, 2016, 2:00 pm

Did you know art can help you to decrease stress, increase positive emotions, and clear your mind? And you do not even have to be an amazing artist to benefit from it!

Last year, the BeWell Youth Board had the amazing opportunity to head downtown to The Whitney Museum to participate in a teen open studio. They created masterpieces to express their individuality and help to reduce stress. Check out what the youth board members had to say about their experience!

“I feel that art takes your mind off of things and helps you to relax. You don’t have to speak. It just gives you a time to do whatever you want even if it’s just on a piece of paper.” – Natalie

“Art takes your mind away from whatever is stressing you. It shows a creative side of you and gives you something fun to look back on. Seeing my final project made me feel accomplished, proud, and happy.” – Aniya

“Art helps people to de-stress because it allows you to focus on other things. Instead of worrying about your grades or your parents, you would switch your attention to things like color schemes, textures and patterns.” – Vanessa

“The art event at the Whitney Museum made me feel less stressed. It made me forget what I was stressed about. It made me create something fun that I liked.” – Sharlyng

“At the Whitney I felt less stressed because I felt comfortable. There was some of my favorite music playing and I was using flitter! I like crafts and I definitely enjoyed Polaroid’s.” – Maria

“Art allows a person to draw out their emotions into something physical. It’s nice to see your creation in front of your eyes.” – Tonima

“Art helps people cope with their stress by letting them articulate what they want to do.” - Juan

“ In my perspective, art helps someone de-stress by observing the art in all it’s glory. The art activity at the Whitney Museum helped me feel less stressed because the unlimited imagination that took place on one piece of paper.” - Joshua

“Art helps distract me from stress. I would recommend the event at the Whitney Museum because I think other teens would like it.” - Michael

“Art helps someone de-stress because art is really a “free form” type of thing. Art is something that should be effortless. The Whitney Museum is my go to place whenever I feel too overwhelmed by life.” - Karla

The Whitney Museum hosts more open studios and other fun events for teens! Check out their website to find out when!

Check out these great resources and organizations for more opportunities to get involved in the arts:

The Museum of Modern Art: free studio art classes

The Studio Museum in Harlem: hands on art studios and gallery tours

The Door: literary arts, visual arts, theater, dance and movement, and music.

The Point:  music ensemble and production, black and white photography, social circus, Abada Capoeira, visual arts, dance, theater,  and culinary arts.

DreamYard: theater, poetry, dance, visual arts, photography, video, music and audio production, and fashion design.

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