3 Easy Fat Burning Workouts To Shed Fat

Anonymous August 13th, 2010

by Stephen "the Body" Jones

When you are looking to burn off body fat you will need to focus on your diet primarily. Aside from this, however, it will be crucial for you to focus on getting exercise and engaging in the proper workout routine as well. As such, here are 3 easy fat burning workouts that should help you to achieve the results you want when combined with a proper diet plan.

When it comes down to it the amount of fat that you burn it will depend upon the amount of lean muscle that you have. As such, it is a good idea to focus on muscle building workout is to build lean muscle in your attempts to burn fat as well. However, it will be cardio exercises and workouts that will have the greatest effect overall.

As such, one way of burning fat very quickly would be to engage in fartlek training. Essentially, this type of training is sprint training that involves short sprints followed by longer extended jogs. By getting your heart rate up and down you will be able to stimulate your metabolism and therefore target your body fat.

Other high-intensity interval training techniques are also extremely good at helping you to burn off body fat. You can engage in any sort of exercise, but you need to make sure that you combine short intervals of high-intensity training with longer intervals of rest. For example, you could be on an exercise bike at max power for 10 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of very low intensity power. Doing this for only about 15 minutes each day will lead to better results than 45 minutes of slow low intensity cardio.

If you want to engage in some slightly longer lower intensity exercise then the best one of these would probably be swimming. Swimming targets your entire body and so you can be building lean muscle and conditioning your body as well as burning off fat.

All in all, your focus should be on high-intensity short exercise routines. This is certainly the best way to target your fat and not your muscles.

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