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  • Did you know...litter and dirty streets can affect your mood as well as your health?

    Editor June 14th, 2024

    It's obvious that litter attracts pests such as rats and roaches. Food scraps or containers left on the street give these pests something to eat and a reason to stick around. These pests can affect health by spreading infectious diseases.

    But litter doesn't only make you sick because of pests. Research suggests that litter might lead to poor health because it signals that the community is not cared for.

    Why people litter?

    • There aren't enough garbage cans on the street
    • There is no garbage pickup or street cleaning
    • There is construction debris on sidewalk and in streets
    • People feel littering is okay because it already exists.
    • People don't feel good about their community and so don't care.

    What you can do about litter?

    • You can start by not littering yourself and encouraging friends and family not to litter
    • Call 311 to report a build up of garbage
    • Contact your community board and see if there is anything they can do to promote keeping the neighborhood clean.
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