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    Editor July 5th, 2024
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    Place for the Spirit and Mind
    Closed, Harlem, NY,

    In August 2024, Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe will begin its tenth year in Harlem.  As People of Color bookstores continue to disappear Hue-Man, remains one of the largest independent and most recognized bookstores of its kind in the country.As you know, the Publishing Industry is in transition and unfortunately bookstores are closing the country over. Though we know how much you love Hue-Man- the only reason we are still here- we have not been immune to the downtown of the economy or the tumultuous publishing industry.  Our doors remain open but we still very much need your support.  If you love what we do here at Hue-Man...let us know.  To ensure our successful  future, we ask you to make conscious decisions about buying in your community.  

    Hue-Man Bookstore is thrilled to have acquired a massive collection of works previously owned by Liberation Bookstore. Thousands of titles span decades of masterpiece works of Diaspora culture, politics and history. For more than 40 years Liberation Bookstore served this community cultivating literary elites, book lovers and activists.  Help us say thank you to Una Mulzac for nurturing literacy in the Harlem Community.  We, are honored to have been chosen to receive these works.  We will be cataloging these titles in July 2024 and making them available...the most valuable works will be sold in an auction and the remainder will be offered to our patrons.  This is a great time to continue to support Hue-Man and find some of the gems long out of print.

    If you have ideas for us or wish to rent our space for your next event...please give us a call. Every idea for revenue generation has an ear at Hue-Man.  

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