Did You Know?

Did you know...there are lots of ways to burn calories without the traditional “work out”?

Ever want to burn a few calories without going to the gym? Try some of these quick and fun activities that are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine:

Did you know...who your pharmacy staff is? Pharmacy 101

There are many people who work in a pharmacy besides a pharmacist. You should know who they are so that you can get the help that you need. Here are descriptions of the pharmacy team so that you will know who can give you the proper information the next time you visit your community pharmacy.

Did you know… the Mighty Milers Program teaches kids healthy exercising habits?

The New York Road Runners (NYRR) Youth and Community Serivces is a branch of New York Road Runners that promote children's fitness, character development and personal achievement by bringing free running programs to schools and community centers. They offer several fitness and running programs for kids around New York City.

Did you know...you can make and stick to your New Year's resolution?

Did you make a resolution to be healthier in the New Year?

Having trouble staying on track? It's never too late to make a change!

Most resolutions fail because people set unrealistic goals and don't have a plan in place to make the change.

Did you know...what your community pharmacist can do for you? Pharmacy 101

A pharmacist is trained to help you take your medicines in a safe way and get the most benefit from them. It's her or his job to review your prescription and make sure you get exactly the medication that your healthcare provider asked for.

Did you know...it's important to keep an eye on portion size?

Face it, food portions all across the country, as well as here in Harlem are huge. Between the value meals at fast food restaurants, soul food and buffet-style restaurants, heaping plates of food are a normal part of eating out.

Did you know…you can improve your cholesterol by eating fiber?

Why is high cholesterol a problem?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that your body can make and is also found in foods that come from animals like cheese, meat, and eggs.   Your body needs some cholesterol, but when blood cholesterol is too high it can lead to heart disease. In our blood, there are two main types of cholesterol:

Did you know… herbal medicines can cause your medications not to work properly?

Herbs can be very good in the treatment of many diseases, but they can also cause a variety of complications.

Did you know…soda is “liquid candy” for the American teen?

These soda bottles represent the average number of sodas that American teens drink each year.  Here are some facts about soda you should know.

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