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Harlem Word: Dr. Elizabeth Cohn talks about precision medicine and a million-person health study
Dr. Elizabeth Cohn is a researcher and health activist working on precision medicine and genomics. She has academic posts at both Adelphi University...
Tuesday, February 28th from
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I am My Brother's and Sister's Keeper: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Saturday the 18th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of NYC, along with Harlem Hospital,...
Tuesday, February 14th from
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Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): Feb 5-11
This Tuesday is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Consider taking some time to learn about HIV/AIDS and what can be done to fight it! 1. The...
Sunday, February 5th from
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Substance Use and HIV: A Community Dialogue:
Do you or a loved one struggle with substance use and HIV? This community dialogue, hosted by Reverend Londro Wilson and Carol Mundy, offers a great...
Saturday, February 4th from
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Genetic Education Survey
Would you like to know more about genetics, and the way it can be used to explore your ancestry, advance medicine, and even solve crimes?  The...
Tuesday, January 31st from
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