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  • Did you know that even a little exercise may protect you from Colon polyps?

    The Health Buzz May 9th, 2024

    A  polyp is a growth found in a mucuous membrane that may become cancerous. The commom way to screen for colon cancer is to look for polyps in the colon using several testing techniques. The American Cancer Society posts on its website the 5 myths that are connected to Colon cancer which must be diffused. They are as follows;

    1. A man's disease
    2. Not preventable
    3. African Americans are not at risk
    4. Age does not matter
    5. Testing is not useful since it is a deadly disease

    Results from a recent study supports the second myth stating that, Colon cancer cannot be prevented. The study cites that even adding one hour of exercise per week shows a decrease risk for colon cancer for study participants. Get yourself tested!

    See article:http://consumer.healthday.com/Article.asp?AID=652617

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