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  • Harlem Word: Dr. Rabia Tahir encourages people to ask their pharmacists questions

    Editor July 9th, 2024

    Dr. Rabia Tahir, Pharm.D, pharmacist and professor at Touro College of Pharmacy, talks about medical questions you can ask your pharmacist. Read more below!

    Q: What kinds of things can people ask their community pharmacists?

    A: In addition to asking specific information about your medications (like how you take them and what to expect with side effects; you can also ask your pharmacist about your health conditions.  Pharmacists are trained and very well-informed about many diseases.  They are educated on the whole body and its well-being-not just medicines.

    A lot of times, a patient will go to their doctor for a small problem and the doctor will tell them to get an over-the-counter medication.  If people realized their pharmacist is also a medical expert, they could ask them those kinds of questions instead of going to a doctor. Pharmacists are trained to help in situations when you have minor conditions, such as a cold, a bruise, an ache, or something else.  They deal with over-the-counter medicines or small certain surgical supplies on a daily basis and have some great input. 

    Certain pharmacies have signs saying, "You can ask your pharmacist." Or, they have one day clinics or patient education groups at the pharmacies to provide health information to customers.  The pharmacist will take the time to have a health class or give flu shots.  You can find out which stores have these different clinics on the pharmacy's website and go to them as an opportunity to get your questions answered

    Q: How do you feel about the direct role that pharmacists have with customers?

    A: Personally, I love it when people come up to me and ask questions.  It's the exposure to customers that I thrive on.  It's part of the reason that a lot of pharmacists join the field.  They are ready to communicate with people, be compassionate toward others, and help others out.  This is what fulfills me. 

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