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  • Living Fully: New Guide for Seniors, Caregivers and Families

    Editor February 27th

    Living with the comforts of community and the assurance of supportive services in New York City is something every senior has a right to expect. That’s why I’ve just released a new, 80-page handbook for New York seniors in English (PDF) and Spanish(PDF) —an indispensable guide to local services, resources and benefits that are available.

    Our guide, Living Fully: Resources for Aging Well in the City, offers a comprehensive overview of programs for seniors, their families and caregivers from continuing education and employment to understanding options in senior housing. Think of it as one-stop shopping for seniors, whose numbers are expected to grow by 40% in NYC by 2024. New York must be ready for this population surge.

    Living Fully, published with the support of EmblemHealth, was pre-ordered by 1,500 people before it was even released. Now you can also access the guide by visiting the website. Learn more in articles from the NY Daily News and the Associated Press—and please spread the word to your friends and family members.

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