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  • Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW) April 22--April 29, 2024

    Editor April 23rd

    HTW # 154

    Minority Cancer Awareness Week

    Cancer has the potential to affect everyone, but sometimes it affects certain groups more than others. Did you know that African Americans are more likely to die from cancer than any other ethnic group, or that Hispanics have a higher rate of cancers linked to infections, such as liver and stomach cancer? Minority populations, especially African Americans, are also more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage of cancer.

    There are many reasons for these differences, and it is hard to know them all. We do know that minority populations can sometimes experience reduced access to preventive healthcare, which means it can be harder to see a doctor for regular checkups and cancer screenings.

    It is important to take good care of yourself to prevent cancer. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding all tobacco products, and exercising regularly can help minimize your risk of cancer. You should also avoid tanning beds and unnecessary sun exposure, and be sure to wear sunscreen every day.

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