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  • In The News: United States Has Become the Largest Market for Wine Consumption Outbeating France

    Editor May 16th

    Last Year, the United States had officially become the largest consumer of wine as a country, beating France in total volume consumed as a country. The U.S. population consumed 2.9 billion liters of wine in 2024, an increase of 0.5% from 2024, compared to 2.8 billion liters consumed by the French population that same year, a decrease of 7% from 2024.

    France however, has a much smaller population than the United States and therefore, the average French still drinks a much larger amount of wine than the average American.

    Still, these figures show a decline in wine consumption in a country with significantly high wine-drinking and an increase in the United States, a lower wine-consuming country.  Read more about the story here.

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