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  • Putting Yourself First: Find Lost Time

    Editor April 23rd

    If you are very busy, and feel like you don’t have time to change your lifestyle, remember that you probably have more extra time than you think.
    The average American spends more than four hours each day watching TV. Instead of watching TV, try one of these:

    • Go for a long walk either where you live or to get to know a new neighborhood
    • Try out visiting your local greenmarket (farmer’s market) where you could buy some fresh produce and make a delicious meal!
    • Get a massage (or ask someone you know to give you a neck rub)
    • Have a hot bath
    • Have sex
    • Go to bed earlier
    • Prepare for work/school the next day so you take a good lunch and have time for exercise
    • Prep and cook food for the week
    • Try out some yummy new recipe
    • Take a healthy cooking class—or ANY cooking class to improve your skills
    • Cook dinner with your family, or invite a friend over to cook
    • Help your kids with homework
    • Take your kids outside or to the park to play
    • Clean something
    • Organize something
    • Join a community garden
    • Learn something new either by reading, watching a video, or taking a class
    • Go to a local sports game
    • Volunteer
    • Join a book club
    • Get involved with your neighborhood or local community board

    Remember that each little healthy change you make will take you closer to your

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