NYC Community Gardening Coalition General Meeting

Editor June 30th
Happened Thu July 17th, 6:30pm

6BC Botanical Garden
6th Street between Avenues B & C

About the garden:

Our name –6BC–tells you where we are: on 6th Street in Manhattan’s lively East Village, between Avenues B and C. But there’s more to it:

‘B’ for Botanical
We call it a botanical garden because that’s the traditional name for a garden where visitors come to learn about lots of plants from lots of places. Our garden includes hundreds of plants, native plants as well as many that were immigrants to New York– and that makes our garden a lot like our community.

‘C’ for Community
Unlike many other botanical gardens, 6BC is also a community garden: East Villagers, all volunteers, started building it on a rubble-strewn empty lot in the early 1980s.


Want to host a NYCCGC General Meeting in your garden? We are looking for additional July locations, as well as September locations.

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