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  • STD Awareness Month Should Be Every Month

    matt323 March 29th
    Happened Mon March 31st, 2pm

    Every April is National STD Awareness month, but we think it should be every month!

    STDs and HIV are serious issues in the US and here in NYC. Last year alone 20 million people contracted a new infection with about 500,000 of them being HIV. With proper education and testing we can lower this number, and that's why we think that STD awareness month should be every day not just one month.

    April does have its advantages though. It's starting to get warm out, and people are interacting more and going outside more. This makes it a perfect time to go out and get tested! +

    Studies show that people in the city have higher rates of infections than in more suburban areas in the state and even the least of the infection rates are far too high with some rates for certain STDs reaching close to <a href="http://yourstdhelp.com/hpv.html">50%</a>.

    This year let's make our community better and all get tested!

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