Did You Know?

Did you know...there are ways to evaluate health information?

There is a lot of information in Harlem and on the Internet about various medical conditions and treatments. If you are looking for information for yourself, a friend or a family member, here are some tips to help you in your search for accurate and trustworthy health information.

Did you know...whole grains help your health?

Did you know including whole grains in your diet can help reduce the risk for stroke, diabetes and heart disease?

Did you know...learning about support groups can be helpful for your health?

When you are dealing with a health crisis or looking to learn more about a disease, support groups can be a good source of encouragement and information.

Did you know...there are many places to look for a support group?

Are you looking for a support group to join or to suggest to a family member or friend? Here are some places in Harlem where you can begin looking for help:

Did you know...yoga can be good for your health?

What is yoga?

Yoga has become popular in this country over the past few decades. It is a form of mind-body medicine which unites the spirit, mind and body, resulting in better overall health.

Did you know...mold is a big deal?

Did you know that there are all kinds of allergens in your home that can make it hard to breathe, trigger an asthma attack, or cause allergies in you or in your children?

Did you know...different factors might lead to obesity?

Obesity can be caused by some surprising factors. We break down a few known contributors and give tips for dealing with these factors.There are various factors that can contribute to someone becoming obese. Below are a few known contributors and tips for dealing with these factors.

Did you know... stress can affect your body and your health?

Did you know that illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and asthma are more common Harlem than anywhere else in NYC? This may be because these illnesses are tied to stress, which is hard on your body.

Did you know...about common sports injuries and how to treat them?

So you're well on your way to adding physical activity as a regular part of your lifestyle. Great! Unfortunately, an injury got in the way. Now what do you do? When should you see a doctor? Do you need to stop exercising?

Did you know...the traditional favorite, sweet potatoes, can be made the healthy way?

Did you know? Sweet potatoes have no fat and are naturally packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals! With a few simple steps you can enjoy sweet potatoes the healthy way and avoid extra fat and calories.

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