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  • Did you know...who your pharmacy staff is? Pharmacy 101

    Editor June 13th, 2023

    There are many people who work in a pharmacy besides a pharmacist. You should know who they are so that you can get the help that you need. Here are descriptions of the pharmacy team so that you will know who can give you the proper information the next time you visit your community pharmacy.


    A pharmacist is trained to help you take your medicines in a safe way and get the most benefit from them. It's her or his job to review your prescription and make sure you get exactly the medication that your healthcare provider asked for. They also give you and other health care providers (like your doctor and nurse practitioner) information on medications and over-the-counter drugs.  Your pharmacist can help you understand all of your medications. To learn more about their training, see our article about your community pharmacist.


    A pharmacy intern must have a permit to practice pharmacy under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacy students must complete an internship experience to graduate from a pharmacy program. A pharmacy intern can counsel patients on medications ONLY under the supervision of a pharmacist.


    A technician helps the pharmacist in giving out or "dispensing" medicines. The pharmacist must oversee a technician in filling the prescriptions. Their main duties include dispensing, counting, packaging, and labeling medications for patients.  A technician helps in getting medications ready for customers, but they are not allowed to counsel patients on medications.


    Cashiers are responsible for collecting medication payments.  They may enter information in the computer and scan the medicines, but are not allowed to counsel patients.

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