Help is Possible! - Tips for Dealing with Stress

bewellbu January 21st

Feeling down lately? Depression may cause you to lose interest in your hobbies, feel worthless, cause you to lose sleep, and impact your school performance. Depression can happen at anytime in your life but it does not mean that you are weak or that something is wrong with you! Sometimes you may even feel happy some days, but very depressed on other days. If you are feeling sad a lot or depressed, consider some of these tips for helping to deal with depression:

1)     Ask for help! Talk to a trusted adult

2)     Eat well

3)     Exercise

4)     Write down your feelings

5)     Find a self-care activity. This may include drawing, listening to music, or writing poetry.

6)     Get out into nature

7)     Set small realistic, attainable goals

8)     AVOID tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and other quick fixes

If you are feeling depressed, contact your healthcare provider or Renee Cohall, LCSW & BeWell Co-Director at (646) 245-4000

Check out this video to learn more about stress and for extra de-stress tips!

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