Dotson-Newman, Ogonnaya, MPH

Q: What is your job? Where do you work?

A: I am the Senior Environmental Health Coordinator for the West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (also known as WE ACT for Environmental Justice).

Q: What do you do to stay healthy?

A: I try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and limit my salt intake.  I also try to walk as much as possible and get exercise in different places like walking up as many steps as I can in my buidling or walking to the next train station instead of the closer one. I also try to drink water and find time to spend with people that make me happy.  I also try to do things that will decrease my stress like meditation, cooking for family and friends and trying to avoid stressful situations.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Harlem?

A: Eat, eat, eat!!  There are some wonderful restaurants in Harlem that have food from all over the world.  I love to eat Spanish, Ethiopian, vegetarian and any of the other types of food that are available in Harlem.  I also enjoy going to music shows in the summer and walking through the neighborhoods that have beautiful buildings. 

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies are watching or playing soccer, listening to music, collaging, cooking and eating with friends and finding new things to learn about.