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  • In The News: New book to help beat your stress!

    Editor June 24th

    According to a recent study by the American Institute of Stress, 48 percent of people who experience stress say it has a negative impact on their personal and professional lives. 

    But, did you know that stress is a huge health problem as well? According to Jeanne Rick, the author of The Biology of Beating Stress: How Changing Your Environment, Your Body, and Your Brain Can Help You Find Balance and Peace, long-term stress can lead to many different illnesses such as:

    • Headaches
    • Stomach disorders
    • Depression

    Stress can even increase your chances of having serious conditions like stroke and heart disease. In her book, Ricks suggests simple tools to manage stress and even use stress to your advantage.  She includes information on:

    • Simple breathing techniques
    • Food selections and supplements that can improve focus, energy, and sleep
    • Foods that help support the body when stressed

    This book is available online at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. 

    Please follow this link to the book’s Facebook Promo Page and ‘Like’ it!

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