Putting Yourself First: Find Lost Time
If you are very busy, and feel like you don’t have time to change your lifestyle, remember that you probably have more extra time than you...
Wednesday, March 19th from
Article in Food
In The News: Hunting for Food: Race, Class and Access in New York City
“Putting food on the plate versus what kind of food to put on the plate is a fight that many really don’t know how to win”. Visit...
Wednesday, March 19th from
Article in Food, Health Info
Myths of Hypertension: Sea Salt v. Table Salt
Myth heard at Project SHARE blood pressure screening: “At home, I use sea salt, which has less sodium than table salt, so it’s not as bad...
Thursday, March 13th from
Putting Yourself First: Social Support
One of the hardest parts of starting a healthy routine is doing it alone. When thinking about trying to lose weight, exercise more often, or eat...
Wednesday, March 12th from
Article in Fitness, Food, Health Info
Putting Yourself First: Small Steps
The road to making your lifestyle healthier can be daunting and challenging, and can often seem doomed from the start. But there are small steps you...
Wednesday, March 12th from
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