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    ralphbridge15 November 5th

    Students need to put themselves in positions where they constantly challenge themselves. Students should not by any means try to settle for complacent means. Most students, however, are caught up in mediocremeans of doing things. From friends to books that the students read they should be things that challenge the student on all fronts. Most students need to look into themselves and discern what kind of people they think they will become. A student should not be one dimensional but should work on themselves to be a futuristic individual who can take work in different capacities. The institutions of learning should as well make sure that they challenge students in whatever that they undertake.

    When a student seeks an assignment help on students websites,they seem to have encountered a challenge. The best thing that the writer can do for the student is trained them on how to think objectively and work on their problem next time. Learning new skill a day can be a god way in which a student can challenge themselves. Sometimes astudent will try their best to gain the relevant skill but due to lack of discipline they will give up and deem it difficult. Giving up is tantamount to failure.

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