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  • Harlem Word: Dr. Hilda Hutcherson -- HIV and safe sex

    Dr. Hutcherson provides tips on various ways to have fun and safe sex.  Dr. Hutcherson is a gynecologist and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center.

    Q: We've talked a lot about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in Harlem. What is your advice to the community about having fun and safe sex?

    A: Well first of all it is important for people to know that it is possible to have safe sex and still have fun. Of course our advice is that you use a condom every time you have intimate relations with another individual. And even using a condom can actually be fun. You can make a game out of it. I tell my patients that one of the ways you can make it more fun is to have a condom grab bag where you have different types of condoms, different colors of latex condoms, different...well not sizes, but you know you can get condoms with ribbed, little ribbings on it and all different types of textures; put that in a bag and have your partner grab the condom of the day, let's say. And so there are lots of different ways to make it fun. Another way of making it fun is to be creative in how you put the condom on and using...I don't want to be graphic, but using other body parts to assist you in putting on the condom. But I think it's so important because of the life-saving nature of using a condom...potentially life-saving nature of using a condom. That you do make it something that is necessary, but at the same time make it fun so it's not a chore and not something to be ashamed of, but it is a natural part of the sexual experience with another person.

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    Harlem Word is a series of interviews with Northern Manhattan health experts, written by HHPC and reviewed by our Health Advisory Board.

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    This is a great way to practice safe sex and always remembering to use a condom. I never thought of explaining it in this manner. In the pharmacy, I try to explain the importance of always using a condom especially to the adolescent patients, but they were never intrigued or too shy on the topic. With time and trust, my patients were able to ask what is the proper way of using a condom because if not used properly, prevention is reduced in regards to sexual transmitted diseases. Safety is key!

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