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  • Trying to motivate to buy fresh fruits and veggies

    One of my resolutions was to budget for healthy food. I admit, I haven't been grocery shopping recently.  My motivation has been a little low, but I have no excuse since I know of places to get fresh and affordable fruits and veggies.

    • my local supermarket --> they have had some sales advertised in the circulars. I have some circled to shop this weekend. I should stock up on frozen veggies too...
    • local farmers markets --> I know there is one near my office in Harlem, but I am not sure if it's around during this cold, winter weather.

    I also saw an article here on this website about finding fruits and veggies. They suggest buying in season to cut down on costs. They actually had a good list of the different things available in each season. Here is the link:

    Has anyone run into a motivation snag when it comes to fruits and veggies?  Nbruning had a good tip for shopping. I usually do stick to the outside when shopping in my supermarket. It really has most of the stuff you will probably need for healthy eating from fruits and veggies, meats, cheese, milk, juice and bread! It also cuts down the amount of time I spend in the supermarket.


    I have the motivation problem too. In winter, it pays to think more about winter veggies, like squash, root vegetables. Also soups. With blender you can take almost any mix of vegetables cooked together and make a delicious creamed (without the cream) soup. I've almost got myself talked into it! Good luck.
    Winter soups are a great idea. Include beans, and you've got a meal in bowl that you can make ahead of time and just re-heat. I'm very much in favor of making life easy by keeping a couple of bags of frozen veggies handy, esp. if you're busy, busy (and who isn't these days?) They are flash frozen soon after harvesting, and may be more nutritious than some "fresh" veggies that have been sitting around for days or weeks. Don't feel guilty abut buying frozen--they're economical, too, when you consider the parts of fresh veggies you need to discard--stems, skin, wilted yellow leaves, etc.
    I went to Fairway on Sunday on 125th and bought some fresh things that were pretty well priced. My only problem now is I have a ton of it. I froze the fresh spinach in a few ziploc bags but have no idea what to do with the cilantro. It's a huge bunch and while I have offered my friends the opportunity to have some of mine, I'd like to know how I can store fresh herbs in the future. Any ideas?
    You can make a kind of pesto out of many herbs, not just basel. Try that with your cilantro--I've used regular parsley to make pesto sauce, too.
    I always find myself looking up recipes to use the mass of leftover herbs...I hate to waste! I've never tried with cilantro, but with other herbs you can freeze them...wrap them in a paper towel and put them in an air tight container. It sounds like a lot of work, but now I grow sage and basil on my windowsill. It's been so easy, and such a treat!
    I'll have to try the freezing and 'pesto' making next time. Can you tell me what other ingredients go into making the 'pesto'? Is it just the herb and olive oil?? What else goes in it and what do you usually put it on? Is it something I can put on salad, chicken, pasta etc? Thanks guys!
    Pesto is mostly the herb and olive oil. A lot of times it has parmesan cheese, garlic, or pine nuts as well. The great thing about pesto is you can be creative, and add just about whatever sounds good to you. Here are a few recipes you could try! Enjoy!
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