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  • Did you know...how to protect your baby from chemicals called phthalates while you are pregnant?

    Editor August 22nd

    Did you know...how to protect your baby from phalates while you are pregnant?

    We know that children and young babies need protection from dangerous things like poisons. But did you know that harmful things can reach babies even before they are born? A recent news update from the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health focuses on a type of chemical called “phthalates” (pronounced ‘THAL-ates’).

    What are phthlalates? Phthalates are a group of chemical that are very common in our environment. They can be found in products like plastic toys, parts of our houses or apartment buildings such as vinyl flooring, and even some personal care products such as shampoos. The chemical can reach a baby before they are born through the mother.

    Why are phthalates dangerous? Some research studies have found a possible connection between phthalates and some early childhood problems. The study is checking for this connection between phthalates and some types of mental, movement, or behavior problems. Effects might not happen or be noticeable until years later because clearly it is hard to judge behavior problems in a newborn baby. This type of effect might come out in a child at three, four, or five years old even though the cause happened before birth.

    Phthalates act like hormones inside our bodies but scientists are not yet sure how phthalates are causing health problems.  The connection is troubling because phthalates are in many commonly-used products so this is an issue to watch.

    For more information on how to avoid phthalates:  click here 


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