Did you can make 9 simple changes for eating well?

You've heard it before, but what can you do NOW to start eating right? Here are nine things to try and the reasons why they will help keep you healthy.

1. Try this...Broil or bake fish and chicken

Instead of this...Eating breaded and fried foods

Because...The coating and frying process adds fat and calories.

2. Try this...Eat lean meat, fish and poultry without the skin

Instead of this...Eating fatty meats with skin

Because...Skin adds a lot of fat which is not good for a healthy heart and adds extra calories.

3. Try this...Eat on smaller plates and do not go back for seconds

Instead of this...Eating on a very large plate and getting up for more

Because...Portion sizes have increased in the past few years along with unwanted weight gain. The less food you see on your plate, the more likely you will feel full with what you have.

4. Try this...Eat more slowly, you will give your stomach a chance to feel full

Instead of this...Eating quickly and not realizing how full you are

Because...Eating more than you need can lead to indigestion in the short term and cause you to gain weight over time.

5. Try this...Write down what you eat for a week to see what you eat every day

Instead of this...Eating whatever you want without thinking about how it affects your health

Because...You will see patterns of what kinds of foods you are eating, when you are eating and how much you are eating.

6. Try this...Drink water or unsweetened fruit drinks

Instead of this...Drinking soda

Because...One regular can of soda has 150 calories but no nutrients. If you have a baked pork chop instead for only 20 calories more, you will add important protein to your diet.

7. Try this...Prepare meals at home

Instead of this...Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Because...You will be able to control your portion size, your food will most likely be healthier and it cost less than eating out. The money you spend on eating out adds up!

8. Try this...When you eat out, share a large dish with friends and family or take half of it home to eat later

Instead of this...Eating the entire meal in one sitting.

Because...Many restaurants serve larger portions than you need and all you can eat deals only encourage you to eat more than your body can handle. By not eating the whole meal at once, you'll cut the number of calories you take in and save money because you'll have leftovers for lunch or dinner.

9. Try this...Snack on pretzels, low fat popcorn, veggies or fruit

Instead of this...Snacking on chips, cookies and cake

Because...You'll not only save on calories, but introduce important nutrients into your diet.

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This is a fabulous article! Lately I have been trying to cook and serve healthier food in our home. This was not an easy task for me because I am very used to ordering take-out for dinner. However, for the past couple of months, I have made some easy and delicious healthy changes. Firstly, I started cooking dinner. I broil fish instead of frying it, and I must say, it is much easier. I also stopped buying soda, and now we drink only water in our home. Although these changes may seem difficult, it is very much worth the efforts once you start feeling the pounds coming off! In fact, this article inspired me so much that just yesterday I decided that we need to start snacking healthier. I took some time to cut up veggies and rinse some berries, and I left them in the fridge to snack on for the next couple of days. Both my husband and I feel great and we plan to continue with our new healthy habits!!

Thanks for reading! And keep up the healthy eating!

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