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  • The Slow Carb Diet

    Known by its simpliest and easiest form of diet, Slow Carb Diet, is well-known by its astonishing result of losing an average of 20 pounds within 30 days. This is just following a strict, yet easy meal schedule. Also popular by the nickname, The Four Hour Diet, it is simply means eating almost every four hours daily. With total of 4 meals in a day, one can never recognize that's it's a diet, but it definetely has 5 simple rules:

    1. No white carbohydrates. This includes all kinds of rice, bread or any kind of breading, cereal, potatoes, pasta, and tortillas. This is a strict rule that knows no exemption at all.
    2. No skipping of meals. This a person who is enrolled to this program should eat their meals 3 to 4 times a day and skipping a meal can ruin the Slow Carb Diet. The actual secret for this program isn't starvation, rather, it's the right food in take.
    3. No calorie drinks are allowed. Calorie drinks are milk of any kind, soda drinks, fruit juices, and alcoholic drinks, such as beers, whisky, rum and wines.Tea and coffee are very much allowed as long as there's no sweeteners on it. Red wine is allowed too, as long as it is limited into only 2 glasses in a day.
    4. No Fruit intake for this diet. This is the most questionable part of the Slow Carb Diet. Fruits contain fructose, which later on becomes glycerol phosphate in our body. This is one of the most essential ingredient in fat storage and it will surely ruin any kind of diet programs.
    5. Take one day off in a week. This rule is the most uncommon part of this program. In that day off, you can eat any food that you want and disregard any rule that you know. This will prevent slowing down of your metabolic rate.

    Sow Carb Diet is the simpliest diet that I've ever known. Experts always say, almost everything is allowed as long as we intake them with moderation and discipline. Well, Slow Carb Diet is all about discipline and health. It's not just about being fit and healthy at all times, it's also about tranquility and the most comfortable feeling, compared to a meal-skipping diet. This shows skipping any meal isn't the answer. This is why I recommend Slow Carb Diet, among any other dietary programs around.

    If you want to cook your own Slow Carb Diet Foods, you can find many of them at You can also find Slow Carb Diet sample menus in this particular source.

    A human body needs all the nutrients, which we can get from health food. This means we have to eat right and be happy. Who knows, with Slow Carb Diet, YOU might be the next person to lose more than 20 pounds in 30 days.

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