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Harlem Word: Shakir Saud shares his views on health issues and challenges students face at City College New York (CCNY)


atoci wrote

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I attended City College during my undergraduate studies, and I relate to Shakir. There are not a lot of healthy options but you can always make healthy choices by choosing to avoid the unhealthy foods. I wasn't aware that City College had a hunger program that is really great to help students that really need it.

Aliena Dabhi wrote

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This article is very informative and explains how students can stay healthy with such stress and busy lifestyle. This article is a need for every student. Students should watch their diet at the younger age itself.

hkn001 wrote

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I can relate to this article aswell... having been out of school for some time before coming back, I didn't know how to deal with the stress that came with it especially when it came to my health so finding the middle ground was not easy... i just hope i'll be able to keep it up once school starts again @___@"