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National Wear Red Day!

Article posted by Publisher 3 days ago

Today, Friday, February 4, is National Wear Red Day!

"It's the day to wear your favorite red clothes or accessory - a red blouse, a red dress pin, a fabulous red handbag - put on red lipstick, or sport a red tie and red socks. Go red in your own fashion to show your support for women and the fight against heart disease. Protecting your health and supporting others. Now that's great style that touches all of our hearts."---American Heart Association.

"Only 55 percent of women know that heart disease is their number one killer and less than half know what are considered healthy levels for cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure and cholesterol. The Go Red For Women movement works to make sure women know they are at risk so they can take action to protect their health."---American Heart Association.

This month is American Heart Month, so take the time this month to make sure that your hearts are healthy. Also, look out for events going on in the community in support of making more women aware of the dangers of heart disease.

Click the link below to learn more about heart disease and American Heart Month:





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