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  • In the News: Alcohol and energy drinks don't go well together

    Editor May 23rd

    A news study has shown why you should think twice before mixing that Red Bull with your booze. It probably won’t give you the boost you’re looking for.

    Recently, teenagers and young adults have been getting into the practice of mixing alcohol with energy drinks (A+ED). This combination can be dangerous for young people, since studies have shown that A+ED users had a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) than those that did not use A+ED.

    Why exactly have young people been using A+ED lately? A recent Australian study has stated that most use A+ED for fun or to get drunk faster usually already had a history of alcohol use and abuse.

    Other people have used A+EDs to sober up, mistakenly believing that the effects of alcohol can be cancelled out by energy drinks. People who drank for this reason were actually more likely to get into alcohol-related injuries.

    What this means is that the new practice of mixing alcohol and energy drinks will not make you any less drunk, or any safer from danger. Please make sure to be proactive about finding information about the right ways to drink alcohol and energy drinks, on warning labels.

    Read the article here.

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