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  • In the News: What You Owe Your Grandkids, by Dennis Walcott

    Editor June 30th

    The NY Daily News recently published an opinion written by the former New York City schools chancellor -- Dennis Walcott.

    Mr. Walcott writes that we owe it to our families to live healthier lifestyles. He reveals that the loss of both his parents, due to heart attacks at younger ages, left him, "determined not to succumb to what the city Health Department calls “years of potential life lost,” which is the difference between 75 and the age a person actually dies."

    In the article, Mr. Walcott lists the steps he took to acheive a healthier way of living. He describes that, over time, he was able to overcome years of poor habits and gradually improve his overall health. Later, Walcott explains why the path towards living a healthier lifestyle is each person's own responsibility.

    "Smart government policies to improve longevity and health outcomes for the public are critical. But it is ultimately our own individual responsibility to chart a healthier course for ourselves. You don’t need to run marathons. A modest change in diet and exercise habits can go a long way."


    Read the rest of the article here.


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