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Harlem Word: Nancy Bruning tells us about her ideas for improving parks


Riverside wrote

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I really like the idea of art that also works as a way to be physically active! Ive never thought of that before!!

DeshawnT wrote

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Yeah, making parks more suitable for public use and make it friendlier gives people a healthy place and calm area to think and relax in improving park areas by adding more homeliness in it makes it more fun and calming. Parks are for people and kids who want to breathe fresh air and sit for awhile and exhale out some of their problems. So it’s a good idea to reconstruct any parks to make it more friendly and homely for public use.

pharmd2b13 wrote

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Great idea of wanting to make parks not only more appealing but also an area where the public can use to exercise together. People would be more inclined to exercise if parks seemed more comfortable and safe; which would also benefit them physically.

bvatana wrote

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Good idea! I agree that parks need to be clean and litter-free before any exercise can take place. An on-site instructor will certainly increase more participation in parks.

john235alpha wrote

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I think this establishment of more and more park is a great idea to improve the healthy lifestyle of people. This is the only place where people can do their workouts programs under a clean and safe environment. I am a personal trainer so I believe that doing workouts and exercise programs in clean and pure air is best for your health and fitness. I think some fitness equipment should also be added to the parks for public use as it can enhance and motivate them to do workouts in an easy way. But the parks should be kept clean and safe so that it may not affect the health of the public.

TommyB wrote

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Those are great ideas for improving parks! I used to live in Harlem but have since moved to Nashville. We have some nice parks here with one park that has the exercise equipment with a running trail. But my favorite park has great swing sets. My kids love it and I feel totally safe in the park.