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  • Working Out on a Budget

    I found some great tips for when you're looking to jumpstart your activity level, but don't have a ton of money to spend at the gym. Some things that I'm going to try:


    • Walking or jogging through your neighborhood is just as effective as using an expensive treadmill without having to spend the extra cash. Plus, it's more natural for your body: Outdoor walking doesn't come with handrails, so it improves your body's ability to balance and stabilize itself.
    • Exercise with a friend. Hiring a personal trainer can be a great way to learn safe and effective exercise instruction, but the cost is usually pretty high. Instead of spending $50 or more per session, split the cost with a friend and work out together. Sometimes a good workout partner can be all the motivation you need and you can learn new exercise ideas from each other!

    • There are lots of ways to firm your muscles without spending money on equipment. Gallon containers of water weigh about eight pounds; the half-gallons, four. Jars and cans weigh a bit less and can be effective for working the shoulders.

    Does anyone else have any good ideas for working out on a budget???


    I think walking is great for exercise on a budget. I also have been doing 'exercise' at my desk. I tighten my abs while I sit to pretend I am doing crunches(I hope it's doing something). Same with the derriere. Since my hip surgery, I think that exercise in particular is a good one. I also just stretch at random times during the day.
    I just posted a link to a website that shows you different exercises that you can do at your desk. Check it out! Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk!
    Also, if you use the stairs instead of escalators or elevators, it's a workout without paying for a stairmaster.
    Sometimes I walk to the next subway stop to get a little walk into my day... usually it's less than 10 blocks, but just enough time to get my legs moving and my heart beating.
    They have lots of good websites if you just look around for exercises that dont involve any weights but still get the job done. Here's a few sites i just looked up to give you an idea, there's many more out there with other lists and hints. Hope this helps some!
    I've been looking for something to do that I can do at home. It's pretty expensive to join the gym, but there are tons of things that I could do at home.
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