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Free-Range Chickens. Who Cares?

Blog entry posted by MClayton in Environment on June 5, 2010 - 10:08am
Key words: Environment, Sustainability, Politics, Money., Food, Environmental Exposures.

I was riding the train the other day and saw an advertisement. It had to do with free-range chickens and ice cream. The company makes the claim that they use free-range chicken eggs as a participating ingredient in their ice cream. Who knew ice cream needed eggs? Anyway, I said: “Who cares, the ice cream taste the same if the eggs are harvested from overpopulated, diseased and filthy nursery coups or from clean, happy and free-roaming chickens”. That was my initial thought. The next thing besides taste was cost and this ice cream was going to cost much more than your average vanilla bean flavor. I came to the following conclusion: If people do not demand what they want to consume then they will be demanded to consume. Consumerism is a form of voting. When all the ice cream sells out, store managers order more. It’s our way of telling the manufacturer “We like this product, make more”. What if people bought into the free-range market? Well, there would be more money for the purchase of land for these chicks to run on but how would this affect society today? Do we have room for free-range chickens so that we can collect their eggs for ice cream? That must be a real egg-hunt for the farmers or has free-range been defined to perhaps an hour of roaming a day. I think this argument applies to the “organic” movement as well. Therefore, I pose the question: Can we readjust of agricultural infrastructure?



Laura wrote

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I don't get it.. what's the difference between a free range chicken and a regular chicken? Why would we want to pay more money for a free-range chicken?

Helena wrote

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Thanks for such news! I was shocked about it!