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The Memorial Day Marathon

Event posted by loneranger in Fitness 2 weeks ago

May 30 2024 10:00 am

Join us this year on Memorial Day Weekend for a marathon to remember; we will be honoring the men and women of the armed forces of our country, past and present. Alongside invited members currently serving our country, come test your speed and endurance on the only trail marathon in New York City. Please spread the word, bring friends, and register on the official website: http://thememorialdaymarathon.com/

Come to run 4 loops of our now "classic" 6.55-mile route for the full-marathon experience, or do a half-marathon (2x) or 10K (1x). Official start time is 10am but if you want to start earlier or later, feel free; the race is self-timed but we will be having electronic sign-ins for this race which we will publish on the official site.

We are also pleased to announce that this race is listed on the Marathon Maniacs Race Calendar, for those of you chasing stars.

This is a free race supported by the community. A $10 suggestion donation would be more than welcome to cover the cost of refreshments, favors and other supplies. We keep everything as lean as possible but we still have a blast! If you can help us with any volunteering duties, please contact us on the main website.