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Started an indoor garden...

Blog entry posted by cesar in Food 7 weeks ago
Key words: Food, Vegetable Garden, Tomato, Planting Indoors, Planting, Herbs, Growing Food.

I finally did it. I started a vegetable garden in my apartment. I have pretty good light in my living room and have been growing basil, parsley and mint there for a few months.

After going to a food conference a few months ago, I was motivated to try my hand at planting some veggies and different herbs.

Went to home depot in mid-February to see what I could start with. Apparently it's growing season. I am not familiar with all the farming 'lingo' (yet), but I guess I went to home depot at the right time to try growing seeds indoors. I bought:

  • little cherry tomatoes
  • spinach
  • scallions
  • mesclun salad mix
  • chives
  • parsley (different kind, flat leaf this time)
  • cilantro (really hope this works!)
  • rosemary


scallionsscallionsmesclun salad mixmesclun salad mixchiveschivesparsleyparsleycilantrocilantrorosemaryrosemary


So I planted the seeds when I got home. It's been about 3 weeks and here is what my garden looks like:

 are these tomato stems too long?are these tomato stems too long? 

 sad spinachsad spinach

                                                                                                                salad after about a week and a halfsalad after about a week and a halftop view of all seedlings 3/4/10top view of all seedlings 3/4/10                                                                           I  had to buy a florescent grow light because I haven't gotten much sun in my windows. With all the snow storms and gloomy weather, the plants haven't gotten the recommended 12-16hours of daylight.

If anyone has tried to grow things in their apartments, let me know how it went. I'm nervous about these tomatoes and the spinach. I am not sure the look the way they are supposed to at this stage (but what do I know?)...

more to come...



Coll5 wrote

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This is great, cesar! I am no expert in growing plants or food in my apartment so I don't have much advice to give you.

I was wondering was you thought about the florescent grow light. Do you think it's helping? Where did you buy it? I have some plants in my apartment that are wilting and I think it's because they don't get enough light. I really don't want them to die!

Keep up posted with your progress!

cesar wrote

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I had always heard of people using "grow lights" for their indoor veggie/herb garden, but I bought mine after doing a lot of reading online and in gardening books about the amount of light some of my plants needed in the early stages of growing. I figured, it's still winter and the days are short and gloomy so I'd just invest in a cheap light.

I bought it at home depot. I bought the one that is for "plants and aquariums". I also bought the fixture to put the bulb in and a timer so that the lights can come on when I'm not home. All together, I'd say that light stuff cost me a little over $15. Too early to tell if it's working, but I'll let you know.

Laura wrote

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Ooh I never thought to get a lamp.. my apartment is so dark and I thought it would be impossible to grow anything in there! You've inspired me, maybe I'll head to Home Depot this weekend and get an indoor garden started for myself!

annasiegfried wrote

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I grow flowers in my apartments and I have adopted a similar tactic to yours so I can offer enough light... When I do not have natural light to offer for my plants, I add an aluminium foil and a powerful light(100W). That solves the problem and I have good results. I don't know how it will work for your garden and if your vegetables will be as tasty as field grown vegetables, but you can try.