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Blog entry posted by mango12 26 weeks ago

Once again it's the flu season!  The most common way of getting sick is by not washin our hands thoroughly!

We expose ourselves to many germs unknowingly when we touch our food or rub our eyes with our germ infested hands.                                                 

Here is an image of areas that are most commonly missed, less frequently missed, and not generally missed when washing our hands.  The tight gaps between your fingers and fingernails are frequently missed!















The following are some sicknesses that can be prevented if you wash your hands well:

  • Common Colds
  • Diarrheal diseases
  • Influenza

According to the Center for Disease Control, good hand washing practices include first wetting your hands, using soap, and rubbing your hands for 20 seconds. 

Next time you wash your hands, try the following steps to wash your hands thoroughly in order to keep your hands germ-free and avoid getting sick!



7 steps7 steps




Riverside wrote

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Ever since reading this I have been doing a better job washing my thumbs and front of my hands! Gross stuff! very helpful image, though