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Is It Your Genes or Your Environment? Epi-Genetics and You

Blog entry posted by nbruning 29 weeks ago

Does high blood pressure, a big belly, or cancer run in your family? Does that mean you're doomed to get these too? The burgeoning field of epi-genetics is working on the answer. Epi-genetics is the science of what makes our genes express themselves the way they do. What determines genetic expression is surprisingly within our control, which tips the classic argument of nature over nurture closer to the nurture side. This empowers us as individuals to dramatically alter much of what we thought was hard wired, with regards to ours and our families health, in our favor through specific choices we make.

I just finished chatting with Dr. Steven Geanopulos, of New Heights Chiropractic, a Creating Wellness Center. Dr. G, as he is affectionately yet respectfully called by his patients, is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and has also pursued an education in Functional Medicine (applying a unique understanding of blood chemistry, immunology, endocrinology, brain chemistry, and GI function).

Dr. G and I go back a ways-I first met him about 10 years ago when I moved into the neighborhood of Washington Heights, where he had opened his practice in chiropractics. I went there for a back and neck problem, but I soon found out that he is uniquely qualified in many other ways to lead his patients to reach their goals for health and wellness. At this point in time, he has been in private practice and serving the community of upper Manhattan for more than a decade.

Dr. G says the latest thinking is that it's roughly 30% genes and 70% lifestyle that influence our health. We talk about food, fitness, stress, supplements ... find out the hidden symptoms of gluten sensitivity and how to repair a "leaky gut" and cure food allergies; why our bodies respond differently to chemical, physical, and mental stress; the role of chiropractic and its ability to restore "communication" between your nervous system and your body so that you are responding appropriately to your environment; and more.

Listen to the recording and find out if our health, personality, and experience in life is hard wired and, if not, what we do can about it.

Here's the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nancercize/2010/11/11/is-it-your-genes-or-y...



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