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Hey Young World 2024- A year long health agenda

Blog entry posted by noellicenter 26 weeks ago

Noelli Center presents HEY YOUNG WORLD

A year long, health campaign/ agenda to improve the physical, mental and social well being of Black and Latino Adolescents and Young Adults in New  York        


These objectives address the main health indicators and issues in adolescent and young adult health.
All objectives match with the health indicators of adolescent health as defined by as the Health People 2024; a national campaign to decrease health disparities and improve overall health of nation by 2024 

  •  Each objective gives specific of strategies and social intervention to address the underlying issues affecting physical, mental or social well-being
  • The Noelli Center will post articles, community services, promote community events and organizations that correspond to the goals.
  • Objectives include Sexual Health, Nutrition, Self-Image, Unintentional injury or Violence , Alcohol use,
  • Is a community collaboration ,

http://noellicenternyc.com/hey_young_world_2011 for more information



Ten217 wrote

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I think that this website and concept are both brilliant. I especially like that fact that it will address many health concerns that face both youth and adults throughout the course of the year. After checking out the website I also appreciated the differents books that the Noelli Center had on their website that assist people to better manage their health.