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Increasing the "Good " HDL Cholesterol levels may reduce your risk for Colon cancer

Blog entry posted by The Health Buzz 12 weeks ago

New study suggests that increasing HDL cholesterol levels reduces the risk of Colon cancer. Another good reason to increase your HDL cholesterol!

 Here are 7 ways you can increase your HDL levels:

1. Aerobic exercise

2. Weight loss

3. Increase consumption of nonsaurated fats (avocado, olive oil, peanut butter, etc..)


Garlic Truths and Myths

Blog entry posted by noellicenter 1 year ago


1) Mytgarlicgarlich Garlic helps blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer
Truth , It has been theorized that garlic helps all of the above , but studies have only shown it to be effective on cholesterol only, it has in some studies there is about a  5-10 % decrease. Studies for cancer prevention and treating high blood pressure have given inconsistent results.

2) Myth You must cook your food with Garlic
Truth The protein that makes the effects of garlic , becaome inactivated by heat and activated by crushing or chewing . Therefore, only raw garlic is helpful


Quiz yourself on heart disease

Link posted by Publisher 2 years ago

Want to test you knowledge about heart disease?  This quiz will help assess what you know and learn about ways to reduce your risk of heart disease.


How much do you know about cholesterol?

Link posted by Publisher 2 years ago

Take the Cholesterol Quiz to see how much you know about cholesterol and learn ways to make your diet healthier