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Meat Labels...Do You Know What They Mean?

Blog entry posted by Bernie 3 weeks ago

Meat LabelsMeat Labels

At BrownstoneFitness' April Meet-up the topic for the evening was MEAT. This meet-up discussed man's evolution as a caneivore and the importance of meat in our diet. We also talked about whether all meat are created equal by attempting to explain what the labels on the meat packaging really mean.


Did you know that a mother's diet during pregnancy can greatly contribute to her child's obesity?

Blog entry posted by The Health Buzz 5 weeks ago

An international study published in the journal Diabetes points out that a mom's poor diet during pregnancy may alter the child's DNA and turn on a "fat switch" which leads to a greater chance of the child becoming obese at 6 or 9 years old. As stated by Prof.


Diabetes and Weight Management Presentation

Event posted by The Health Buzz in Health Info 10 weeks ago

Apr 13 2011 7:00 pm
Apr 13 2011 8:00 pm

Join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month and learn natural ways to prevent and control Diabetes and manage your weight. This event is an hour pack of information, discussion and interaction focused on diseases and conditions caused by poor metabolism. Come and learn natural ways to improve your metabolism and regain your optimal health.


The Kids Cook Mondays

Video posted by Laura 16 weeks ago

I saw this video about a new program happening in Harlem that teaches kids to cook healthier.  Each week the kids and their families come in and learn how to cook healthy foods.  I would've loved something like this when I was younger!  I saw the gethealthyharlem logo in the back and was happy to see that they were involved!  check it out for yourselves.

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The Kids Cook Monday

Article posted by HealthyMonday 27 weeks ago


The Not So Sweet Side of High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Blog entry posted by eat.move.live 31 weeks ago

As a nutritionist, I often get asked about whether or not High Fructose Corn Syrup, or HFCS for short, is bad for your health. This is an important question because HFCS has replaced regular old "sugar," also known as sucrose, as our sweetener of choice. HFCS can be found in everything from sodas and snack foods to toothpaste and cough syrups.


"Women's Health Gathering" Everything you ever wanted to know about Fibroids and more...

Event posted by AfricanDanceSchedule in Health Info 33 weeks ago

Oct 23 2010 9:30 am
Oct 23 2010 12:30 pm

FREE EVENT - Participants gets a goodie bag worth over $200 filled with healthful tips, coupon worth $150 for 1-hour holistic health consultation with Madea Allen Gueye, "Oil by B'Cause It's Mimi", Starbucks free pass.