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Spirit & Mind

Spirit & Mind Forum topics

Spirit & Mind Forum topics


I am Looking for Minority-owned Yoga , Meditation or Wellness Center

Forum topic posted by noellicenter 1 year ago

This is not to be political, I've lived in Harlem and Bed Stuy , finally there are a lot of Wellness and Holistic centers opening. Unfortunately, most of them not only appear to not be Minority-owned , but minimal employees, trainers or teachers are minority.


Bereavement Group

Forum topic posted by Tonidee 2 years ago

Hi All,


I am looking to join a bereavement group. I recently lost a family member and would like a safe space to talk about it.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Thank you!


Letting off steam: Hot topics in Harlem -- What do you think about the New York Post Cartoon?

Forum topic posted by Publisher 2 years ago

Leave your thoughts here about yesterday's New York Post cartoon of two cops shooting a chimpanzee with the caption "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill".

Was it intentionally racist? Was it bad judgement? Is it being blown out of proportion? Other thoughts?

Voice your opinion!